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"The Internet of Everything will be five to ten times more impactful in the next decade than the entire internet has been to date"
- John Chambers, Cisco CEO

We have experts who can Connect the world withInternet of Things

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2nd place

at International Dev Camp

1st place

on Asia Pacific Annual IOT Conference

2nd place

at Global Rapid Prototyping Forum

Smart Car

A Turn-Key Mobile/ Web solution to power anyUBER FOR X ideas

4000+ Businesses use Smart Car to power their On-Demand service ideas. Be it for Taxi, Grocery, Food delivery etc. or any niche - the time to market is just 48 Hours

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Experience ultra fast streaming via. mobile...with SPEED LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

1000+ customers power their on-demand Streaming business with this innovative streaming solution. Comes with Mobile app + Website + your OWN Streaming server.

  • You get your OWN streaming server.
  • A powerful mobile app via. which your users can stream content.
  • Dedicated Dashboard to manage your streaming server & monitor its health.
  • Beautiful website & Admin panel to manage the entire solution end-to-end.
  • Crafted with technical excellence & exceptional attention to detail.
  • Works with WOWZA streaming server as well.
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Global community of partners helping over a million consumers

  • Rebecka Willard

    “.I always had this plan of starting a niche Slack like app only for the Startup community in my city & I hit upon Prevue Logic! Proper communication, updates & followup from these folks keeps me hooked.”

  • Ambroos Faas

    "I always thought developing a Team communication/ collberation tool like this would cost me a limb! at this price an entire suite with Web & Mobile version is a steal!"

  • Davin Finbar

    "OK, the way in which the different products in the pack are connected is what got me in. Mobile apps that work in sync with the website, which are all connected tightly to social media... is truly a dream come true :) & at this price? well what can I say!"

  • Bronagh Kaitlin

    "The world is moving from the desktop to mobile & this style apps are definitly the next IRC! I badly wanna start a group communication solution for the Mothers niche & I belive this is the perfet solution. Thanks Prevue Logic :)"

  • Sophia Harper

    "Yup, the world is moving from the desktop to mobile & the suite Castasy provides is nothing but superb! I feel its a steal :)" -> "Yup, the world is moving from the desktop to mobile & what the Castasy suite provides is nothing but superb! I feel it's a steal :)"

  • Brian Cathal

    "I have been using hosted streaming services so far. For the type of content my users stream, its a nightmare working with these providers( to hell with their rules!). Finally I get my own streaming server hosted on AWS! A BIG thanks to the Castasy team!"

  • Manato Ryuga

    "Hey there! Soon the world will see an amazing Group communication solution for Adult content :) Thanks to the Prevue Logic team for helping me make this dream a reality! Very much excited!"

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