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A one-of-a-kind DIY CookBook
for creating a BuzzFeed like site


This tutorial in simple details will handhold you through the process of creating a site like BuzzFeed using PHP, MySQL on the LARAVEL framework.


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What you will get

Laravel Hero

A Power Ranger like PHP & LARAVEL tutorial that will save the day and drive away all hurdles one can face while developing a website like BuzzFeed from scratch.

Step-by-Step programming tutorial

Step-by-Step Programming tutorial that in simple details will explain all process and aspects involved.

FULL Source code ( PHP, MySQL built on Laravel )

Complete source code (PHP, MySQL built on Laravel Framework) to solely execute a website as powerful as BuzzFeed to take the social media by storm.

What you will learn

PHP Programming

That like a magic wand will help you create a Social media posts and feeds portal like BuzzFeed.

Laravel Framework

An in-depth understanding of the PHP application framework.

User Panel

Learn how every user function between login to logout is perfectly executed without any hitch.


The perfect opportunity to work on JQuery and hone your skills over time.

Responsive Layout

Learn how to make a web application that is responsive in adapting to any screen size.

Admin Panel

Learn how to master the art of controlling your website. We give you all the important details to use admin panel to your maneuvering.

The Viral Element

A website like BuzzFeed thrives on the popularity from shares and likes. Learn how about all the elements required to make it ‘Viral’.

All Things Essential

Learn to create features that are practically universal to majority of sites that have graced the web world over many decades.

Who is this for ?

Enterprisers & Investors

Do not know from where to start building a dynamic web application like BuzzFeed? Then you do qualify as the rightful candidate! BuzzFeed is not just any web application. It is a powerful tool that has taken the social media world by storm. The good news is that this book is the secret ingredient that will successfully help you develop your very own website like BuzzFeed.

Web Developers

This book offers you the much needed opportunity to further hone your web development skills. Here, you have a chance to play around, understand and learn various PHP, MySQL and LARAVEL framework functions. The best part is that the process of learning is actually going to reward you with your very own website like BuzzFeed.


Tired of being a rookie? Well this tutorial is a perfect launch pad to make to you a PRO web developer in matter of days. Here is a chance to get crucial facts and learning right from this book.

Sample pages from book

DIY Tutorial for a Web Application like BuzzFeed


About the Author

How This Book Is Organised

Chapter I


Who is This Tutorial For?

What is Laravel Exactly?

What are the Advantages of Using Laravel?


What is BuzzFeed?

Features Present in BuzzFeed

Chapter II

How to Get Started?


Packages Needed

Chapter III

Installation of BuzzFeed Package

For Shared Hosting

For VPS/Cloud/Dedicated Server

What are Routes?

What are Controllers?

How to View the Layout of the Website?

Chapter IV

Developing User Panel

Home Page

Sign In

Register/Sign Up Button

Regular Sign In

User Dashboard

New Post

My Feeds

Edit Post

Delete Post


Account Setting

Change Password

Post Category



More Page

When the User Clicks on a Post

When User Clicks on LOL, Win, omg, cute, trashy, fail and wtf Options

Chapter V

Developing Admin Panel

First Installation of Admin


Admin Dashboard

User Management

Post Management

Admin Settings

Banner Setting

Why buy the BuzzFeed package?

Chapter III - Installation of BuzzFeed Package

Install the BuzzFeed package from our website. For easy installation all you need to do is following the following guidelines:

You can install this script in any type of hosting (Shared hosting/VPS/Cloud/Dedicated server). Depending on the type of server used, the installation process will differ.

BuzzFeed is built on the Laravel PHP Framework. Minimum Requirement for running this script would include: - PHP 5.3+ (with fileinfo extension enabled) - MySQL 5.4+ - php5-gd - php5-curl - php5-mcrypt

For Shared Hosting:

• Extract in the root directory.

• Import buzzfeedDB.sql in your database.

• Open app/config/database.php and fill the database credentials

• Open public/app/config/config.php and fill in $config[‘base_url’], and $config[‘site_url’]. If your site name is, then your $config[‘base_url’] will be http://domainname. com/public/ and the site_url will be

• Please give 777 permision for app/storage.

• Please go to app/config/mail.php please give email Credentials.

• Open app/config/packages/artdarek/oauth-4-laravel/config.php and Facebook, Google client id and secret id.

To obtain the Facebook App keys, follow the steps below:

• Go to and click on Create App under the Apps menu for creating a facebook app.

• Under Settings, Fill in Contact Email with a valid email address

• Under Settings, also fill in your website name like under Valid OAuth Redirect URLs.

• Under App Details, add Short Description, Tagline, Long Description, Explanation for Permissions so your website invokes confidence in your users. Also upload an App Icon, and press Save Changes

• Under Status and Review, click on the YES button at the top to open the app up for everyone to access.

• To obtain the Google OAuth app details, follow the steps here http://www.script-tutorials. com/google-...tact-list/. Please note while following the tutorial, in the step where you set the Redirect URI in the tutorial, the url needs to be gmailOauth2Cb. The Google API project also needs some configuring. Steps:

• Click on APIs & Auth -> Consent Screen and fill in all the details like Email address, Product Name, Home page URL, Logo and press save.

• You can change the logo, favicon, meta description, keywords, etc from the admin panel as configured above.

• You are ready to go live!

Chapter IV - Developing User Panel

Home Page

Home screen or the landing page needs to be simple, clean and user friendly. The good news is that this code will help you develop just that.


1 Route::get('/',array(
2 'as' => 'home',
3 'uses' => 'HomeController@home'
4 ));

Code Explanation:

When a user searches for the web application on their browser, the route code mentioned above takes the command to the HomeController where the home page functions are present.


1 public function home()
2 {
3 $listpost = DB::table('posts')->orderByRaw("RAND()")->take(9)->get();
4 $postrand = DB::table('posts')->orderByRaw("RAND()")->take(1)->first();
5 $postdis = DB::table('posts')->orderby('created_at')->get();
6 $trend = DB::table('posts')->orderby('count','desc')->take(10)->get();
7 return View::make('index')->with('listpost',$listpost)
8 ->with('postrand',$postrand)
9 ->with('postdis',$postdis)
10 ->with('trend',$trend);
11 }

Code Explanation:

The controller code as mentioned above helps in intelligently populating the homepage with trending posts and feeds that engage and compel the users to register with the web application. The HomeController then aids in redirecting the users to app/views/index.blade.php. This folder holds the code of all the views that aids in displaying the screen as illustrated below

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  1. Table Of Contents

  2. Chapter III

    - Installation of BuzzFeed Package
  3. Chapter IV

    - Developing User Panel

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Design files!

Can this day get any better ?!

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Ebook content overview

ebook landing page chapter overview

The approach

We've followed a simplified approach to explain things in easy details. Creating a website like BuzzFeed needs basic knowledge on the serve side programming and we offer you that.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Entire Source code

The package comes with the entire source code. This will help you get hands on experience in developing a website as phenomenal as BuzzFeed.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Installation guide

The package is also inclusive of a detailed installation guide. This helps you in building and hosting a website independently.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Frame-by-frame development

This tutorial in a step-by-step manner takes you through various functions and features of the website like BuzzFeed. The author has organized the book is a manner wherein each module is explained crisply with snapshots, codes and explanations.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Login Page

Keeping up with time, the author has not only included information on regular logins but has also incorporated crucial details on logins powered by Google and Facebook.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Design Layout

Visually appealing designs is an important ingredient for a website’s success. This tutorial will offer you the all information on how to create responsive designs in a website.

ebook landing page chapter overview

PHP Tutorial & Laravel Framework

Server side programming is a must and we have included PHP tutorials, Laravel framework tutorial, MySQL lessons and others to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Rating & Share Features

A website like BuzzFeed thrives on rating and post sharing features. Get all the information you need for such features in this tutorial.

Messages from readers

Evelyn Joseph

"Simple and straight to the point! This tutorial hands down is one of the best I have referred to in a while. "

Mike Fanning

"I always thought it was close to impossible to simplify a DIY web tutorial. This book is a classic example that anything can be explained in a jargon free manner. "

Richard Wadlock

"I am impressed! Giving out source codes that is perfect and so simple to understand is a brilliant thing indeed."

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