Refund policy

Since we provide digitally downloadable web and mobile software, we follow a very strict process on refunds. Please go through the refund policy for a few exceptional scenarios where a refund is available.

Exceptional cases under which a customer is eligible for a refund:

  • In order to avoid any confusions as to whether files were emailed or not, we use a third party SaaS tool called getdpd to process your purchases. GetDPD automatically sends you an email link to download the source at the end of your purchase. These download links are usually valid for 24 hours. If you didn't download the software in the first 24 hours, you can request for an extension via email. In case Proven Logic doesn't respond to an download extension request within 7 business days, you're eligible for a refund.
  • In case of technical issues like unzipping of archive or download issues, customers can email support to get the files delivered in an alternative way. If Proven Logic isn't able to attend to this request for delivery via alternative mechanisms within 7 business days of your request, then you're eligible for a refund
  • We require our customers to ask for a demo before purchase. In case you feel that the product is not as shown in the demo, then you're eligible for a refund if you can prove with evidence (screenshots, screencasts).
  • Customers should check for compatible server requirements and such. In case you have installed the software on a compatible server and Proven Logic is unable to make it work on a compatible server within 7 business days, then you're eligible for a refund.

Cases where refund is not possible

  • Incompatible server. Every Proven Logic product comes with a minimum requirement list. If your server or system is not compatible, then a refund is not possible
  • Refund is not available when you opt for customization services on top of the original product.
  • Refund is not available if the customer has changed any of the original code (except configuration changes) that Proven Logic supplies

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