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An all-inclusive DIY book

with LARAVEL & PHP tutorial

This book in miniscule details will take you through everything that helps one develop and execute a website like Tumblr using PHP, MySQL on the LARAVEL framework.


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What you will get

Dynamic PHP & LARAVEL tutorial

that will drive away your worries about creating a perfect website like Tumblr.

Step-by-Step programming tutorial

A programming tutorial that in an organized and a step-by-step manner will explain all process and aspects involved.

FULL Source code ( Php, MySQL built on Laravel )

The entire source code (Php, MySQL built on Laravel Framework) that will allow you to single-handedly develop and execute a website as popular as Tumblr.

What you will learn

PHP Programming

In no time you will learn how to create a world famous portal like Tumblr.

Laravel Framework

Detailed knowledge on how to work and execute functions on PHP application framework.

User Panel

Learn how every feature available to users of Tumblr can be developed and executed effortlessly.


Grab that rare opportunity to work on JQuery and sharpen your skills over time.

Responsive Layout

Get guidance in creating a perfectly responsive layout that adapts to almost any screen size.

Admin Panel

Know how to create a glitch free admin panel for effective and smooth control of the website.

Share Feature

This feature is the lifeline for a website like Tumblr. Learn how to effortlessly integrate it into your portal to boost its popularity quotient.

All Things Essential

Learn to develop features that are practically universal to majority of sites that have hit the web world in recent times.

Who is this for ?


If you are someone who is enamored by the idea of how to create a website like Tumblr, then you have come to the right place! Tumblr is a popular micro-blogging portal that intelligently combined social networking features to boosts its visibility. This tutorial has everything you need to create a website like this that will soon make you big bucks.

Web Developers

If you want to be a well seasoned PHP -LARAVEL developer, then this tutorial is your calling. By executing the steps involved in the book, you will soon have a website like Tumblr at your disposal.


For beginners who want to learn on the go, this book is perfect. The tutorial in simple details will take you through information that will soon promote you to the likes of PRO web developers.

Sample pages from book

DIY Tutorial for a Web Application like Tumblr


About the Author

How This Book Is Organised


Server Requirements

Basic Features of our Tumblr-like Web Application

Upcoming Features

Chapter I


Introduction to Tumblr

Features of Tumblr

Advantages: The upper hand of Tumblr

Tips for using Tumblr

Chapter II

Get Started



Chapter III

Installation of Rumblr Package

Server Requirements

Installation Procedure


User Panel Views

Chapter IV

Installation of the User Panel

User Panel


User Controller

User Quote

User Video

User Picture

User Audio

User chat

User Link

The Like Button

The Message Button

Message Sent

Change Settings

Change Password

Chapter V

Installation of the Admin Panel

Admin panel

Admin register

Delete Posts

Edit Posts

Display Users

Admin Settings

Save Admin Settings


Prospects of Rumblr-our web apllication like Tumblr

Why buy the Rumblr package?

Custom Solutions

Chapter I - Introduction to Tumblr

If you haven’t heard about Tumblr, you can relate it to the microblogging trend combined with social networking. Afterall, Facebook and Twitter has their limitations when it comes to sharing or showcasing content. It’s not that Tumblr offers the perfect niche for publishers or authors, but it gives the average joe blogger a perfect platform to be creative in a million possible ways every single day! If you want to share a picture of a kid that you see on oyur way back home from office, Tumblr is your tool; if you want to showcase something you stumbled upon to the world, Tumblr is your platform.

You can post text, photos, quotes, links, music and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, e-mail or wherever you happen to be. It is the perfect platform for sharing small bits of content. It is mainly a social media website focused primarily on the sharing of visual media. Tumblr is mostly used as a faster means for the distribution of images and video. This does not mean people do not upload blog posts and other text. They are very much used but they are normally shorter to make them easier to spread.

A Quick Know-how of things

Tumblr is focused primarily on the sharing of visual media, Unlike blogs, which tend to be too heavy on the content. Tumblr is mostly used as a vehicle for the distribution of images and video. Some users do upload blog posts and other text, but posts are normally shorter to make them easier to spread. There are several benefeits of Creating a personal or business Tumblr account; unique opprtunities to grow is one among many

Chapter III - Installation of the User Panel

We hope you’re done installing the ‘Rumblr’ package, yes the same package needed to create an awesome platform like Tumblr (remember we switched names?). So yes, once you’re done installing the Rumblr package, we need to develop the User panel. Ok, don’t get scared with the fancy looking name (yeah smile on developers!). For those of you who are new to the concept of ‘User Panel’, let’s try and break things up. So coming to the basic question…

What is a User Panel? In fact let’s go one step backwards…

What is a Panel?

Let’s try and keep it easy and simple with no technical jargons. When you develop a computer program, a panel simply describes what information will be sent to the user’s display screen. Sounds confusing? Go by its literal meaning. A panel is a flat board on which instruments or controls are fixed. Now draw parallels on a computer program development environment. Hope it is easy to picture now. There are specific panels in a website such as user panel, admin panel and so on— which are basically platforms to control your website.

Code to develop the Login or Registration page

The following code will give you a good insight into developing the login or registration page. But hang on! Before you dive into it, it is esenttial that you understand the role of ‘routes’ and ‘controllers’. The following tips will refresh your memory.

The route given below is to display the login.blade.php file

1 Route::get('login', array( 'as' => 'login', function() {
2 return View::make('login');
3 }));


1 Route::post('login', 'UserController@loginUser');

Given below is a code for the controller to get the credentials like email and password and check the credentials with database using Sentry Package.


1 public function loginUser()
2 {
3 try
4 {
5 $credentials = array(
6 'email' => htmlentities($_POST['email']),
7 'password' => htmlentities($_POST['password']),
8 );
10 $user = Sentry::authenticate($credentials, false);
12 $this->follow(null, 1);
14 }
15 catch (Cartalyst\Sentry\Users\LoginRequiredException $e)
16 {
17 return Redirect::route('login')->withInput(Input::except('password'))->w\
18 ith('error', 'Login Field is Required');
19 }
20 catch (Cartalyst\Sentry\Users\PasswordRequiredException $e)
21 {
22 return Redirect::route('login')->withInput(Input::except('password'))->w\
23 ith('error', 'Password Field is Required');
24 }
25 catch (Cartalyst\Sentry\Users\WrongPasswordException $e)
26 {
27 return Redirect::route('login')->withInput(Input::except('password'))->w\
28 ith('error', 'Wrong password, try again.');
29 }
30 catch (Cartalyst\Sentry\Users\UserNotFoundException $e)
31 {
32 return Redirect::route('login')->withInput(Input::except('password'))->w\
33 ith('error', 'User was not found.');
34 }
35 catch (Cartalyst\Sentry\Users\UserNotActivatedException $e)
36 {
37 return Redirect::route('login')->withInput(Input::except('password'))->w\
38 ith('error', 'User is not activated.');
39 }
40 catch (Cartalyst\Sentry\Throttling\UserSuspendedException $e)
41 {
42 return Redirect::route('login')->withInput(Input::except('password'))->w\
43 ith('error', 'User is suspended.');
44 } 45 catch (Cartalyst\Sentry\Throttling\UserBannedException $e)
46 {
47 return Redirect::route('login')->withInput(Input::except('password'))->w\
48 ith('error', 'User is banned.');
49 }
51 // Redirect to dashboard
52 return Redirect::route('dashboard')->with('success', 'Login Successful');
53 }

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  1. Table Of Contents

  2. Chapter I

    - Introduction
  3. Chapter III

    - Installation of the User Panel

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Design files!

Can this day get any better ?!

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Ebook content overview

ebook landing page chapter overview

The approach

The tutorial to a large extend is jargon free and easy to understand. Creating a website like Tumblr needs basic knowledge on the serve side programming and we offer you that.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Entire Source code

Complete source code is available in the package. This will help you understand the logic involved in developing a website like Tumblr.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Installation guide

The package is inclusive of a step-by-step guide on installation. This will aid you in developing and hosting a web application minus any external help.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Frame-by-frame development

This author through this tutorial takes you through minute details of various Tumblr pages, its features and functionality. Each module is explained with snapshots, codes and clear explanation that is simple to understand.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Login Page

There is virtually no website these days that does not have a login feature. Keeping the importance of such a feature in mind, the author has illustrated the code of the same in easy words.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Design Layout

First impressions make the best ones! Your website can be packed with awesome features but it can fail to increase its popularity if it’s not appealing in terms of design and layout. Create responsive designs with help of this tutorial.

ebook landing page chapter overview

PHP Tutorial & Laravel Framework

Server side programming is a must and we have included PHP tutorials, LARAVEL framework tutorial, MySQL lessons and others to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

ebook landing page chapter overview

Share Features

A website like Tumblr sustains on this feature that allows users to share photos, videos and text, link, music and everything in between. This tutorial provides its readers all the information they need to add this feature to the website.

Messages from readers

David Chang

"Good job guys!! I finally have a tutorial that has a simple approach and cuts right to the chase."

Rebecca Gordon

"Being an amateur web developer this book surely helped me a great deal. Kudos for not putting me off with all the extensive terminologies and big words of web development!"

Leon Wilmer

"A no nonsense tutorial! Surely recommended for all aspiring as well as pro web developers :-)"

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