We Build Bots.

First there were websites, then there were apps.
Now, there are bots. What is a BOT ?


What do you get?

  • 100% Source code of the Bot. Can be readily deployed on your server.
  • A fantastic Artificial Intelligent Admin Panel. Check DEMO
    ( Using the Admin panel, you can train your Bot easily to behave the way you want it to. )
  • Expert installation service. Our experts will install the Bot in your server. Will help you deploy it on FB Messenger Bot Store.
    ( Also scroll & check all the features the BOT comes with below )




Artificial Intelligence

The BOT comes with built in Artificial Intelligence to tackle any sort of questions from your visitors. An AI dashboard is provided via. which you can add more Q& A to the Bot.


Messenger Ready

The BOT is made to be readily deployed on Facebook Messenger. Comes with a detailed Deployment guide. Once deployed your BOT is available to be used by Millions of people on the Messenger platform. Upon request, we can also help you in submitting the BOT on other platforms like Skype, Kik, Slack, Telegram etc. ( but this will be at a fair extra cost )


UBER integrated

The BOT is integrated with UBER API's. So if any of your users want to book a Cab, the BOT can book it for them - right inside the Chat window! What more? UBER pays $5 affiliate commission for each ride you refer :)


Amazon integrated

The BOT is integrated with Amazon API's. So if any of your users want to shop for anything, the BOT can do it for them - right inside the Chat window! What more? Amazon pays an handsome affiliate commission for each sale made :)


Image Recognition

The BOT is integrated with spectacular Image recognition! Just upload an image and it can tell you what that is. It will even further go out & search for related products on Amazon and show :) Give it a try!


AI Admin Panel

The BOT comes with a powerful Admin Panel. Using the Dashboard you can easily train your BOT. Add intents, Questions, Answers etc. You can give your BOT a personality.
Check the DEMO HERE.

Small to Big, We have helped many businesses to create their BOTs

Some of the BOTs we are proud of

How our BOT works?



Users can access the BOT from any device, Wherever they are. Be it Mobile( IOS, Android etc. ) or Desktop ( Windows, Mac etc. ). Unlike Mobile apps that need to be developed separately for each platform, development of BOTs are just an one time effort & can be accessed on any devices.



Like how we submit an App to the App store & Play store - we submit BOTs to various messenger BOT store's Ex: Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Kik etc. Users of these platforms can just search for your BOT and start using it instantly. These platforms are already filled with Billions of users. More easy visibility and quick growth!



The inputs given by the users to the BOT from messenger platforms, reach the backend to be processed. Our BOT is done using NODE JS, MONGO DB for high performance & scalability. Based on the Messaging platform the BOT needs to be deployed on, the connectivity is coded used the respective frameworks ( Microsoft Bot Framework, Facebook Bot framework etc. )



The other end of the BOT is programmed to receive data from API's of services like UBER, Amazon, Eat Street, Bill Payment Services, etc. to service various requests from users ie. Food ordering, Cab booking, Shopping etc. It can be integrated with any specific business API's.

Artificial Intelligence


To make the BOT intelligent, we have fed the BOT with required AIML ( Artificial Intelligence Markup Language ), NLP ( Natural Language programming ) modules.We have also integrated it with AI API's from Google, Facebook etc. For the BOT to pickup information on the go and learn, various Machine Learning techniques have been implemented as well. You also get a sophisticated DASHBOARD via. which you can easily train the BOT at will and give it a personality.

"I'd Highly recommend Prevue to anyone, based on the high quality of work they've done for me.
Just tell them Michael Howard sent you."
- Michael Howard, CEO, cornerswap

What the Media says?


"Army of automated agents, collaborating to work for you, unleashing huge value "

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"The BOT is remarkably adept at understanding what I’m asking
- and that’s fantastic "

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"like you built websites, Apps in the past you're going to now start building bots "

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How to make money with BOTs?

With Expert Installation support (?)

for just $799

  • 100% Source code of the Bot.
  • Crisp eBook on How the BOT is built with installation guide
  • AI Admin Panel to train your Bot easily.
  • Expert installation service.
  • ( Once payment is made, the product will be automatically delivered to your email ID instantly )

How to make money with BOTs?

Only Source code (?)

for just $199

  • 100% Source code of the Bot.
  • Crisp eBook on How the BOT is built with installation guide
  • AI Admin Panel to train your Bot easily.
  • Expert installation service.
  • ( Once payment is made, the product will be automatically delivered to your email ID instantly )

How to make money with BOTs?

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One of the reasons for the BOT RUSH happening now is the maintenance headache with Mobile Apps. - You got to develop a separate App for each platform: IOS, Android, Windows etc.
- As and when each platform releases a new version, you got to update the code base for the respective platform.
- You got to Pay and renew your App store / Play store accounts regularly.
- You need very skilled developers to create high performing apps that does not CRASH during traffic surge.
- Every time you add a new feature, it needs to be added across each app in each platform.

But with BOTs, none of the above headache is there. And it can do all the work an App can do - in a more interesting manner! Just develop it once and anyone on any device can use it.

Not convinced yet? Read this article

Simple. Because people are spending most of their mobile time in chat. They are very comfortable with the ease and simplicity it provides. - Its harder than ever for an App to find users and get traction. People only remember 5 big apps they use daily.
- Your BOT can take un-fair advantage of the Billions of users already inside messenger platforms like FB Messenger, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Slack etc. ( if you are early enough to enter )
- You can easily be in touch with your users. Any message you send out will reach them as a PUSH notification on Mobile & Desktop from the respective platform ( FB, Skype,Slack etc. )
- Its easy for your users to share your content and updates inside social media and contacts. Because your BOT is already inside the platform.

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